"Princeton Incident" - Ventura County Brush Fire - Nov. 7, 2015

The Ventura County Fire Dept. responded to a fast moving brush fire with multiple starts along the 118 freeway in Moorpark, CA in the afternoon hours of November 7, 2015.  Through the quick efforts of VCFD and assets from LACoFD, CalFIRE and others, the fire was kept to approximately 50 acres.  The cause of the fire(s) is currently under investigation.  © 2015 Craig Durling / www.DurlingMedia.com

"Lincoln IC" - LACoFD Brush Fire - August 16, 2015

A fast moving brush fire which started near Lincoln and San Gabriel in the city of Montebello, CA quickly brought resources from numerous departments including the Los Angeles County Fire Dept. The fire reached a 4th Alarm with the Montebello Fire Dept. (Verdugo) and a 3rd Alarm with the Los Angeles County Fire Dept. Numerous aircraft including two Super Scoopers were used to keep this fire from spreading any further than it did. At the time of this writing the fire has been held to just 370 acres however four firefighters have been injured and one LACoFD helicopter was forced to make a hard landing in a nearby cemetery. A transient suspected of starting the blaze is in custody.

The Springs Fire - A Fire Photographer's Perspective

I'm sharing an experiment that I thought you might find interesting.  Using a variety of portable HD video cameras I documented a portion of day one of the Springs Wildfire in Ventura County, CA on May 2, 2013.  The point was to not only test out the cameras but to share "a day in the life" of a Fire Photographer with you...from my perspective.  It's a rough video with no bells or whistles.  It's meant to just be a taste of my experience on the fireground.  On a side note for those unfamiliar with Fire Photographers, we are all credentialed members of the media and/or official fire department photographers on scene documenting the events and efforts for the public.  We communicate via two-way radio, as you can hear in the video.