FAP Episode #49 - Hampton, NH Hotel Fire & Beware of Photo "Contests"

faplogosmall On this episode of Fireground Action Photography the gang's all here.  We're joined by our infamous "East Coast Crew" - Joe Brown, Ted Pendergast, Rick Nohl and our old buddy Damian "Jug" Drella.  Rick debriefs a large structure fire which occurred in Hampton, NH and we discuss the challenges he faced with not only the cold temperatures and high wind conditions but the seaside environment. Join our "Fireground" Flickr community, upload your images to the comment/critique forum and join in any of the ongoing conversations. As always, you can find out more about your hosts Craig Durling and Ross A. Benson by visiting their websites.  Follow Craig Durling, Ross Benson, FAP, Joe Brown, Rick Nohl, Ted Pendergast and Damian Drella on Twitter.  Become a fan of FAP on Facebook! Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes here. (Duration 01:05:59 )
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Photo “Contests” – Be Careful

I just read a thread in our 'Fireground' Flickr discussion group where a member asked if anyone was going to submit images for a photo contest being held by a well known trade publication.  I've omitted the name of the publication from this post because the WHO is not the point, the WHY is. Here's my response after reading the guidelines for submissions to this "contest":
"After reading the guidelines for this "contest" it appears to be a grab for free images.
To all:  PLEASE be careful with this.  I know we all like to see our name next to our published images.  Although I have a longstanding relationship with the folks at (deleted), you should be COMPENSATED for any images they publish in any of their materials.  Photo credit does NOT pay the bills or buy new camera equipment.  I have to think that (deleted) is taking advantage of a talented community here.  Any other entity would have no choice but to pay for images used in adverts, brochures, posters, show guides, etc.   (Deleted) is no different.  They've been around a while and should know better.
Please consider what trend you may be setting here.    If "contests" like these continue to be successful, we will be undercut by a slew of sparkies just looking to get their image and bi-line in a magazine that exists to MAKE money.  BTW, they reserve the right to publish these images - that means they can run yours on the cover of their magazine.  For free.
I have nothing against (deleted), just the concept of these "contests".  By the way, the winner gets free admission to their expo?  Maybe if you paid for my airfare and hotel too.  Admission to the expo costs them nothing.  Thanks but no thanks.  And YOUR images are worth more than a photo credit too."
Here is a link to the submission guidelines. What do YOU think?
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