FAP Episode #2 - Our Fireground Gear

faplogosmall(Duration 44:49) In this episode we are joined again by photographer Ross A. Benson. We begin what will be a recurring feature in the series in which we review the gear we use on the fireground. What do you carry with you to the fire and what do you always have in your car? What equipment, camera equipment as well as safety gear, do you choose to take with you onto the fireground? We'll share some great gadgets and tools that make our work not only more effective, but safer. As always, we'll throw in some stories. Here are some related link which you may find useful: - Wildland firefighting equipment - Wildland firefighting equipment - Structural, wildland firefighting and related equipment - Structural, wildland firefighting and related equipment - Manufacturer of heat resistant wildland firefighting face masks, helmet shrouds, bandannas and respiratory housings - Packs, duffels, hydration packs and more for the fireground. ("Crew Boss" & "Spyder") - Quality boots for the fireground - Structural and wildland fire protective helmets - Structural fire protective helmets - Truck Vault vehicle equipment security systems - Pelican watertight cases and more - Quality flashlights


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