California Poppies & Spring Flowers 2010

After almost seventeen years of living in Southern California, last weekend I finally made the trip up to Lancaster, about an hour north of Burbank, to photograph the infamous spring flowers blooming in the desert.  Needless to say, I've been missing out!  Just driving west from Lancaster I could see the hills glowing orange with California Poppies.  I stopped several times and drove many a dirt road, finding photo-op after photo-op.  Taking care not to step or drive on any flowers, I found myself unable to stop making images of this beautiful landscape.  I've never considered myself a flower guy but I couldn't stop finding new angles, perspectives, compositional elements.  One of my favorite finds, as you'll see in the gallery, was a a log amid thousands of Poppies.  Just a log to the naked eye until I walked closer, only to find rusted barbed wire loosely wrapped around the log creating a wonderful and dramatic subject to incorporate into my images of the Poppies.  Please click on the image to the right to visit the entire gallery. 1 Free Audio Book - Audible.com
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