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FAP Episode #8 - The Mobile Office

faplogosmall(Duration - 47:46) In this episode of the Fireground Action Photography podcast we discuss a topic suggested by a listener in Sweden: The Mobile Office. How do you send pictures to clients from the field? Craig reviews a helpful gadget he's been using for years now...the portable vehicle jumpstart/booster pack. Here are some related links you may find useful: - EVDO cards, antennas, boosters and other mobile office products - Your on-line resource for mobile office data and communication - Your on-line resource for Verizon EVDO and wireless data service - Your on-line resource for Sprint EVDO and wireless data service PAPAC.SE - Featuring the photography of listener Chris Johansson (Sweden) - Satellite phone equipment and service Pep - One of many on-line resources for battery booster packs


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