FAP Episode #39 - Wildland Fire Photography

faplogosmall (Duration 01:23:12) On this episode of Fireground Action Photography we're joined once again by legendary fire videographer Alan Simmons of www.firestormvideos.com. We're off to an early start to wildfire season in So Cal and in this episode we'll cover several related topics.  We'll go in depth about what a photographer should expect during a wildland fire, what hazards and other safety concerns should be considered and more.  We'll discuss some great on-line resources like WildlandFire.com, TheFireStore.com, The Supply Cache, Firehouse.com, National Firefighter, US Forest Service.  There is a host of on-line resources and reading materials you can (and should) use in order to prepare for your response to a wildfire.  One great resource is Al's website at www.firestormvideos.com.  Order your FireStorm videos now, before we get too far into the fire season and let him know that FAP sent you!  Check out his "Interface Firefighting" series! As always, you can find out more about your hosts Craig Durling and Ross A. Benson by visiting their websites. Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or download the mp3 file here.
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