FAP Episode #37 - Videographer Alan Simmons & Wildfire Preview

faplogosmall (Duration 01:06:20) On this episode of Fireground Action Photography we're joined by legendary fire videographer Alan Simmons of Alan Simmons Fire Videos and firestormvideos.com.  We'll get to know a little more about Al, his history in the fire service and his background as a successful fire videographer.  We'll also review some significant fires of the past and preview the upcoming fire season. We also mentioned a great option for when gloves are a necessity but you still need to manipulate controls on your camera equipment: NOMEX FLIGHT GLOVES As always, you can find out more about your hosts Craig Durling and Ross A. Benson by visiting their websites.  You can follow your panelists on Twitter by clicking on their name here:  Craig Durling and Ross A. Benson.  Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or download the mp3 file here.
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