Major Water Main Break - Burbank, CA

On 1-23-10 at about 2pm a 12-inch water main ruptured beneath the intersection of Victory Blvd and Palm Ave in downtown Burbank. A major thoroughfare through town, Victory Blvd had to be closed for blocks as a 30 foot portion of the street collapsed into a pool of muddy water.  Vehicles parked along the street were partially submerged in the runoff and nearby businesses suffered minor flooding. As city resources joined Burbank Fire and Police crews on scene, the water source was finally shut off and large pumps went into action. The scene would be active for hours. Damage resulting from the break has not yet been estimated but repairs will be ongoing for days.

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"Finding the Sink Hole"

A member of the Burbank Water Dept. unexpectedly finds the 30 foot wide sinkhole hiding beneath the river of muddy water.  Although a little embarrassed, he emerged uninjured.

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