Old School

FAP Episode #17 - Old School

faplogosmall(Duration - 56:59) In this episode of the Fireground Action Photography podcast I'm joined by Ross Benson and Mike Bolton. Ross and Mike shot for local newspapers together 30 years ago and join us with not only some great old stories but to share with us how it "used to be". What was photojournalism like before the internet, cell phones, and of course, digital cameras? Ross also reminds us all of a must-have if you depend on a cell phone...a spare battery & charger! These days our cell phones are not just cell phones. They are also computers, music and video players, cameras, dayplanners, etc. Batteries don't last as long as they used to with this load and for this reason, we should all have a spare battery just in case! Here are some related links you may find useful: www.cellphoneshop.net - Your on-line source for cell phone accessories including spare batteries and chargers. www.stroboframe.com - Home of the classic adjustable camera/flash brackets. www.firepictures.com - Featuring the photography of Ross A. Benson ("firepictures" on Twitter.com) www.craigdurling.com - The on-line headquarters of photographer Craig M. Durling ("craigdurling" on Twitter.com)



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