FAP Episode #38 - Canon HFS10, 4th of July Fireworks, Ethics & Posting on the Web

faplogosmall (Duration 01:10:34) On this episode of Fireground Action Photography we're joined by photographers Timothy Tonge and Ted Pendergast.  We talk about the new Canon HFS10 HD camcorder (Craig's new toy - uh - tool)  We'll also talk about techniques and suggestions for shooting fireworks displays for the upcoming July 4th holiday, and we'll chime in on an ongoing discussion in the FAP forum regarding eithical issues when posting images to the web.  Attorney Bert Krages provides some great insight via his website and published book specifically addressing photographers' rights. We also read a listener email about a great (and free) incident notification service for Northern California at FireDispatch.com As always, you can find out more about your hosts Craig Durling and Ross A. Benson by visiting their websites.  You can follow your panelists on Twitter by clicking on their name here:  Timothy Tonge, Ted Pendergast, Craig Durling and Ross A. Benson.  Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or download the mp3 file here.
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