FAP Episode #42 - So Cal Wildfire Update w/Joe Brown

faplogosmall (Duration 01:29:06) On this episode of Fireground Action Photography we are joined by Joe Brown who turns the tables and interviews Craig about his coverage of the recent Southern California wildfires.  Joe also has some advice for freelancers who may need to update some IRS paperwork.  Joe shared a link to an impactful video on cell phone use and you can view it HERE. Don't underestimate the power of your Twitter account!  Photographers can use it for marketing, networking, advertising and more (if you use it right). Join our "Fireground" Flickr community, upload your images to the critiuque forum and join in any of the ongoing conversations. As always, you can find out more about your hosts Craig Durling and Ross A. Benson by visiting their websites. Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes here.
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