FAP Episode #40 - When the Lawyers Call (and other stuff)

faplogosmall (Duration 01:22:12) On this episode of Fireground Action Photography we talk about what you should know if you get a call from an attorney after covering an incident.  Attorneys often contact photographers following incidents on behalf of clients who may be involved in litigation as a result of that incident.  Be ready for that phone call!  Don't forget to order your Al Simmons firestorm videos now before we get too far into the fire season and let him know that FAP sent you! Our friends at FireCache.com are still having their huge summer sale so visit their site and stock up on your fire gear! Google Voice is now up and running so log in and get your new phone number!  Read their site for details on this great service! Don't underestimate the power of your Twitter account!  Photographers can use it for marketing, networking, advertising and more (if you use it right). A group of us here in So Cal have been thinking of planning a comprehensive fire photography workshop with live, practical demos.  Contact Ross Benson with your input. Join our "Fireground" Flickr community, upload your images to the critiuque forum and join in any of the ongoing conversations. Check out Jeff Zimmerman's daily blog for the latest info on his fire and storm photography. As always, you can find out more about your hosts Craig Durling and Ross A. Benson by visiting their websites. Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes here.
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