FAP Episode #23 - Joe Brown, Marketing & Getting Your Images Published

faplogosmall(Duration - 01:00:19) On this episode of Fireground Action Photography we're joined once again by New England-based photographer Joe Brown. Joe joins us in a roundtable discussion in response to an email we received from listener Laurel Burk asking about how to market your images and get your work published. What are some dependable methods for getting your "brand" out there in the industry. It's more about reputation and relationships than you may think. Here are some related links you may find useful: Joe Brown Digital Photography: www.joebrownphotos.com Listener Laurel Burk's Website: www.rimrockreflections.com Leo Laporte & the TWiT Network Firepics.net - A great online forum for the fire photography community Sportsshooter.com - An online forum for working sports photographers FireRescue Magazine Submission Guidelines Firehouse Magazine Submission Guidelines Jems Magazines Submission Guidelines


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