FAP Episode #16 - New Federal Law for Photogs & So Cal Wildfire Wrap-up

faplogosmall(Duration - 45:57) In this episode of the Fireground Action Photography podcast I'm joined by Ross Benson and Ted Pendergast. We'll have a wrap-up of the recent Southern California wildland fire coverage. We'll let you know about a new federal law requiring anyone (including photographers) to wear a reflective safety vest while working incidents on federally funded highways. We'll also give you our picks for photo vests and jackets. Here are some related links you may find useful: www.HotShield.com - Our pick for best fire breathing filters and protective masks/shrouds available. www.llbean.com - A link to Ted's pick for the LL Bean "Explorer Jacket" www.samys.com - A link to my pick for the Domke "Photogs Jacket:. www.Amazon.com - A link to Ross's pick for the "Photo Journalist Vest" (Use the link above for easier access to this product on Amazon.com). www.blackfriday-net.com - Great deals for "Black Friday" shoppers www.fdads.net - More deals for "Black Friday" shoppers FirstDuePhotos.com - Featuring the photography of Ted Pendergast ("FirstDuePhotos" on Twitter.com)


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