"Princeton Incident" - Ventura County Brush Fire - Nov. 7, 2015

The Ventura County Fire Dept. responded to a fast moving brush fire with multiple starts along the 118 freeway in Moorpark, CA in the afternoon hours of November 7, 2015. Through the quick efforts of VCFD and assets from LACoFD, CalFIRE and others, the fire was kept to approximately 50 acres. The cause of the fire(s) is currently under investigation. Did I mention that our press briefing took a direct hit from a Super Scooper? © 2015 Craig Durling /

"Griffith Park IC" Brush Fire - LAFD - Sept. 5, 2015

At around 2:30pm on September 5, 2015 LAFD responded to a brush fire just above the golf course in Griffith Park, near downtown Los Angeles. Arriving units reported 1 acre of heavy brush moving uphill. Over 100 firefighters from numerous agencies, along with air support from LAFD and LACoFD, held the fire to 3-5 acres before calling a knock down after 1hr 37min. The cause of the fire is under investigation. © Craig Durling/DurlingMedia

"Lincoln IC" Brush Fire - LA County - August 16, 2015

A fast moving brush fire which started near Lincoln and San Gabriel in the city of Montebello, CA quickly brought resources from numerous departments including the Los Angeles County Fire Dept. The fire reached a 4th Alarm with the Montebello Fire Dept. (Verdugo) and a 3rd Alarm with the Los Angeles County Fire Dept. Numerous aircraft including two Super Scoopers were used to keep this fire from spreading any further than it did. At the time of this writing the fire has been held to just 370 acres however four firefighters have been injured and one LACoFD helicopter was forced to make a hard landing in a nearby cemetery. A transient suspected of starting the blaze is in custody.



"Pacific IC" - Burbank, CA - June 29, 2015

At just after 3AM on June 29, 2015 the Burbank Fire Department responded to a reported structure fire at 3401 W. Pacific Avenue. Arriving units reported fire through the roof of a single story metal finishing company which posed hazardous materials issues. The fire quickly escalated to a 2nd alarm bringing more firefighting equipment to the scene. The fire was extinguished quickly and no injuries were reported. The cause of the fire is under investigation.


"Valley IC" - LAFD - June 28, 2015

At around noon on June 28, 2015 LAFD units arrived on scene of the A&A Wiping Cloth Company at 4366 Worth Street in El Sereno reporting heavy fire showing. Originally thought to have a Valley Blvd address, Valley IC quickly progressed to a Major Emergency incident bringing over 50 companies to the scene. Ultimately going into defensive ops, over 164 firefighters battled the stubborn fire in 90+ degree heat for over 2 1/2 hours. Six FF injuries were reported. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

"Ash IC" - Burbank, CA - June 6, 2015

At about 1912 hrs. on June 6, 2015 the Burbank Fire Department responded to a reported apartment house fire in the 100 block of Ash Street. Arriving units reported smoke and fire visible from a 2nd story apartment, quickly escalating the incident to a 2nd alarm. Swift action by responding units led to a quick knock down on the fire. Although the residents were not home at the time of the fire, their poodle Coco was treated by BFD personnel and reunited with her owners. ©2015 Craig Durling


"Olympic IC" LAFD Major Emergency Structure Fire - April 7, 2015

At approximately 7:45pm on April 7, 2015 LAFD responded to a reported high-rise structure fire at 1543 W. Olympic Blvd in the Westlake District of Los Angeles. Upon arrival heavy fire was seen from the upper floor with occupants trapped inside and seen in upper level windows trying to escape the flames and smoke. Over 170 firefighters soon arrived to the seen and kept the fire confined to the original floor. After numerous rescues only minor injuries were reported.