Consumer Electronics Show 2011


Earlier in January 2011 I was in Las Vegas, Nevada to cover the largest consumer electronics convention in the world, CES (Consumer Electronics Show).  This convention is so huge it takes up the entire Las Vegas Convention Center and even spills out into the parking lot.  An estimated 140,000+ attendees showed up for the week-long event.  CES is an opportunity for manufacturers of electronics - ranging from 3D televisions to refrigerators, remote controlled helicopters to bathroom cleaning robots - to connect with the vendors who sell them.  This was my first CES and I was blown away by the enormity of the show.  Hall after hall, row after row of everything electronic device known to man.  

As far as camera equipment is concerned, I knew I wanted to travel light as I'd be walking for miles and for several hours at a time.  I stuck with one camera body (Canon 1ds MKII) and two lenses (16-35mm & 70-200mm).  I chose the MKII because I wanted a full-frame camera in order to get wide shots of products and crowds at booths, etc.  I chose the two L-series lenses for the short depth of focus.  CES is a crowded and visually noisy place and I wanted to be able to isolate my subjects from the busy backgrounds.  I carried my spare lens, strobe (which I hardly used - I tried to use as much available light as possible) and extras in a Chestvest.  This kept me and my gear as compact as possible while making my way through the crowds and booths.  

I had a blast at CES, but it kicked my ass.  Even though I brought some good walking shoes.