New Discussion Forum on the FAP Flickr Group Page

Hey all,

The majority of the group seems to like the idea of taking our discussions over to the FAP Flickr group. We've been using a Google discussion forum, which is still active, for some time but it's been very quiet lately. I'm for trying the Flickr page for a few of reasons:

1. It'll mean one less website you'll have to log into
2. We'll all be more likely to comment on and critique submitted photos since we'll be on the page already.
3. It will encourage more listeners to post images to the Flickr page

So let's give it a shot and take our discussions over to the Flickr Group and see how it goes. I'm still investigating to see how you'll be notified of posts and/or replies, if it can be done at all. I'm still figuring things out but since I'm now paying for a Pro account, we should be set as far as storage space & usage are concerned. If all else fails, log in often to check for updates to the Discussion Forum. If the embedded link isn't working, just copy and paste the following link into your browser:

If you don't already have a Flickr account, go to the page you can sign up when you visit our group and sign up for free. You can then
join the "Fireground" group to submit images of your own and join the discussion. As always, I welcome your comments, thoughts and participation. Thanks for your continued support of the FAP podcast!

Be safe out on those firelines and we'll see ya on the Flickr!