Bosque Del Apache Preview

As I slowly but surely sift my way through about 6,500 images from my week in Bosque Del Apache NWR in New Mexico, I thought I'd post a preview for you.  The image below was taken at sunrise along the main road to Bosque.

On what had been a rather slow (and cold) morning, I found a group of about 1,000 Snow Geese hanging around right near the main entrance.  Most photographers and bird watchers viewed the flock from the east but  I chose to make my way around to the west side of the geese in order to photograph them taking off while backlit by the rising sun.  Within seconds of getting my camera ready - already preset to go at a moment's notice - a large group burst into the morning sky.  I was so taken by the moment I didn't even mind the car parked in the background!

Stay tuned for more images from Bosque...

© 2009 Craig M. Durling All Rights Reserved

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Those specks you see in the background are not dust particles on the sensor, they're birds...hundreds of them!)