The Crew Together Again

(R to L) Ted Pendergast, Damian Drella, Rick Nohl, Craig Durling, Joe Brown

(L to R) Ted Pendergast, Damian Drella, Rick Nohl, Craig Durling (me), Joe Brown

It's not often we all have the opportunity to get together but during a recent visit home to Boston we did just that.  The gang got together for a great dinner at Kitty's Restaurant in North Reading, Mass. where we happily swapped the usual stories and jabs we'd been waiting for.  I've known Ted, Damian, Rick and Joe for a long time and it's a real treat to visit with my friends when I get a chance.  After all, these guys are the reason I got into fire service photography almost 20 years ago!

Although you may not recognize all the faces, you probably recognize the names from their roles on the 'Fireground Action Photography' podcast.  Without the participation of these talented gentlemen I can honestly say there would be no "FAP" podcast.  I am truly blessed to be in the company such talented, generous and kind-hearted people and I'm proud to call them my friends.

Thanks guys.  Stay safe out there!