FAP Podcast Update

Hey all,

Since the FAP crew is out of town there will be no new FAP episode posted this week. Craig is back east visiting family and friends and Ross is on vacation with his son. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to getting another show together for you soon. This break will be a great time for you to catch up on those FAP episodes you've been meaning to listen to!

Keep an eye on our respective Twitter streams - Craig: @craigdurling, Ross: @firepictures and FAP: @firephotos for updates on their trips, the show and notable news and events. Also keep an eye out for new "Audio Briefs" which can be found in the right column of this website. Since Craig will be hanging with FAP regulars Rick Nohl, Ted Pendergast and Joe Brown this week - you never know when he may get the urge to post a "mini-podcast"!  You can also listen and/or subscribe to all of Craig's Audio Briefs at Audioboo.com.

Thanks for you support and we'll return to our normal production schedule in a couple of weeks.