FAP Launches Community Flickr Group!

The results of the poll are in. When I asked if you would be likely to participate in a Flickr Group for members of the FAP community you answered as follows:


Based on your input, I've launched a Flickr Group for members of the Fireground Action Photography community! Follow this link: http://www.flickr.com/groups/fireground/ and join the group (it's free). I'm sure you'll need to have a Flickr account but that's also free. You'll then be able to submit your favorite EMERGENCY SERVICE related images and have them displayed for all to see. Please read and adhere to the rules listed on the group page. We want a professional site and any overly graphic, offensive or otherwise inappropriate images will be deleted. You will be able to submit up to five (5) images per day to the group. The FAP Flickr Group will be a great venue to both display your best work as well as share your experience with others in our field. Feel free to comment on each others images, ask questions and share your experiences and knowledge. What better way to learn from each other than to be able to share our images and thoughts in a forum such as this? Let's use this opportunity to talk about technique, tips, exposure, lighting, perspective, safety and anything else that come up as it related to our photography.

So, please join the FAP Flickr Group (which will also be featured on the FAP Blog) and start submitting your best EMERGENCY SERVICE related images!

Thanks for your participation and support!