New episode of the FAP podcast features some old friends...

The latest episode (#12) of my Fireground Action P hotography podcast is in the pipeline and available for download at the website or at iTunes.

What's special about this episode for me is that I'm joined by some great old friends from my hometown of Boston, Rick Nohl and Ted Pendergast. These great guys are the reason I got into fire photography 19 years ago. I met Rick while attending college in Boston - we lived in the same dorm during our freshman year. I had been shooting spot news on a freelance basis for some local papers but it wasn't until I met Rick and his friend Ted that I caught the fire photography bug.

What stinks about living 3000 miles from old friends and family is that you tend to lose touch very easily. Life happens, I know. With the advancements in technology, however, I'm able to bridge that gap. Using a program called "Skype", Rick, Ted and I were able to talk with each other via high speed internet on our computers using headsets. When you listen to Episode 12 that's what we were doing and I think it sounded great. Oh, did I mention that computer to computer conversations are free!?! Yup. So, using a conference call with Skype, three old friends (not mention my friend and co-host Ross B!) were reunited for an evening of fun and photography for your listening pleasure. I hope you enjoy the show, and the rest of the series. - Featuring the photography of Rick Nohl - Featuring the photography of Ted Pendergast - Internet-based phone and communication service